brass tacks or staples


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I was wondering if it makes a difference whether I use tacks or staples to secure the canvas. I noticed that Joe Seliga uses staples. Does it make a difference? Will one last longer? It seems to me that staples would certainly be a lot easier and cause less stress on the ribs but will they rust? Appreciate your experience and advise. thanks Fred
Staples are just fine. Two per rib end. I use 9/16". You can get stainless or monel staples for most common staplers (T-50 is most common) from boatbuilding suppliers, like Jamestown or Hamilton.
Get mine from Home Depot. I use 7/16" when I can find them. I use quarter inch for the stems. Stainless is easier to pound in with a hammer than monel. Don't use reguler cheep steel.
staples and guns

I noticed that Jamestown has bronze staples, would they be better than the stainless steel? Also, is the electric stapler the same as the Stanley T50?