Birchbark canoe maker

Blue Viking

Wooden Canoe Maniac
If anyone is interested in checking out a site showing the work of a master birch bark canoe maker from northern Maine....In your search engine , go to airphoto com The owner of this site is a friend of a Chuck Harris and has his canoes and his building techniques along with photos of his methods and finished products..From what I understand, Chuck lives a primitive life style up there , has no phone, and his only advertising is by way of the photograghers site...I sent them an email suggesting they join this association becasue I feel it is worthy that we all can see a master canoe maker and his style of making a canoe...They are all made in the traditional native amercian style. hope this meets everyones approval . Its just that I was fascinated at his style and the pictures. I have been invited to go up there and meet him and learn the spruce root method of tying the inwhales and outwhales...Intend to spend a week or two up there. thanks