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Bill P

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:confused: Hello,

Wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this ebay boat: 120208959920. I'm looking for a family 'beater' in lieu of my Wide Boards, (so I don't freak when the kids whack a paddle into the sides.) At 21' it seems a bit long. The owner has no idea of its design or construction. Seats seem to be a bit high too. Any ideas?


Bill Purcell
There used to be some oddball marathon races run with essentially unlimited class canoes and this one looks pretty similar to some of those boats. They were often allowed to be quite long and you were allowed to cram more than two paddlers into them. If this is indeed the case, the boat is probably pretty fast, quite slow to turn and probably not built with recreational use or recreational stability in mind. Most likely not a great choice for a general purpose family canoe.
Thanks Todd,

Very good advice. I reckon I'll keep looking.

It does look a bit like a dragon boat.


Bill P