Best Old Town for Florida Paddling?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I've been away from paddling for several years but I'm presently planning my return. I gained most of my experience (which admittedly is still very limited) in my family's Old Town (specific model unknown) on rivers and lakes in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

I presently live in Tampa Florida and I'm trying to determine the best wood/canvas canoe for my needs (see below). I haven't been able to determine the fundamental design differences between the Old Town Trapper 15, Guide 16, and the Otca 16.

Expected usage environment: Florida rivers, swamps, coastline
Expected usage mode: day trips, weekend camping trips
Expected paddler quantity: 1 (solo): 70% of usage; 2 (dual): 30%
Primary paddler weight: 145 lbs
Secondary paddler weight: either 40 lbs or 115 lbs

...anybody have any thoughts and/or recommendations?
This is a small forum so multiple postings are not necessary. I agree with the responses that everyone else has made to your other messages. My recommendation would be the Trapper 15 although any of these three would do fine. The Otca has a slightly higher deck that can be a bit more troublesome in windy conditions so the Guide might be a better choice if you want to go with a bigger canoe. Let us know what you decide to get.