Belle Isle Canoe Livery

Jan Bloom

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I talked to my father last week end about what he remembered of the Belle Isle Canoe Livery in the 30's. He and my uncle were more into canoeing rivers than Belle Isle. However, on the few occasions that they did go to Bell Isle he said that there were easily over 100 canoes in use. These may not have all been from the livery as people may have brought in their own. My father and uncle being used to roughing it and out for as much as 2 weeks at a time must have found the Belle Isle scene to be tame in comparison.
Belle Isle info

Thanks for this information... it fits what I've figured from looking at the pictures and viewing the site in-person. We also know that CJ Molitor ordered 31 Old Town canoes for his livery in 1921.

Yup, Belle Isle must have seemed tame by the time people were able to put a canoe on top of an automobile and head for the countryside... where they didn't wear white shirts and ties and the water was more than three feet deep.

If anyone out there has knowledge of any aspects of Belle Isle-- especially of its canoes-- please let me know. I wrote an article for the December issue of Wooden Canoe, but the research is on-going.