Back on line finally.

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Behold the latest historic wreck dragged home, just to liven up this part of the forum!
Both bare and in putrid house paint for your viewing pleaure, so what is it:confused: :confused:
No answers from Messrs Persson and Miller please:rolleyes:


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I saw house paint like that once. Had to burn down the house as we couldn't make kitchen cupboards out of it.
These guys have trouble with Chestnuts and Tremblays so who would know what obscure vegitable matter your kid dragged home behind his bike?
Nice box by the way.
Found a boat you didn't like yet?
brrrrr its cold

Hijacking my own thread. Thanks for the compliment, i know it takes you a while to download photos with a 14.4 modem :D
Guess you felt these temps last week, cars were reluctant to start till plugged in. Workshop coming soon now that we have the space. Might start building snowshoes instead of wanigans soon.


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Are you out shoveling your new roof? How long are you going to keep us hanging with your new project? What is it?

roof and projects

funny thing about being lazy, occasionally it pays off - townsfolk who shoveled then experienced 2 days of rain which bared the entire roof, then some of the highest winds recorded which tore shingles, metal, and did all kinds of damage. We still had 6" of cover and were spared damage, so let it snow!
Ditchburn, kind of tough but all there except seats. Luckily its twin is in a museum 10 min from my house, so I've got a great reference for details going forward. Its back home in Muskoka now, a stones throw from where it started 80+ years ago.
Photos courtesy Dick Persson, gentleman I bought it from informed me it was an Old Town, I didnt feel obligated to correct him.;)


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Never shovel your roof. That's my theory.
As a canoe it is probably worth more as an Old Town.
Ditchburn owners are only interested in the Bentlys' and Rolls versions of classic motor craft.
Maybe if you stained it all Muskoka Red and filled it with fish you could keep fish in it.
Nice yard. Keep your feet dry.
Nice Catch

Nice catch, but I still wonder if it is not a Radio Flyer. The original fire engine red paint job is a dead give away. ;) :p