B.N. Fish?

Kathryn Klos

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In 1856, Bert Morris's Grandfather changed his last name from Fish to Morris, and all family members appear to have followed suit. Bert's father, Albion Fish, and mother, Sophronia Fish, and the three of their children who were born by that time became Morrises. Bert and Charlie were Morrises from birth. I have yet to learn why this name change was made.

Paddling a Fish...

Think maybe there was some FISHY shenanigans going on at that time necessitating the name change, HHMMMMM???:D:D It sure does seem very odd.

I'd like to find out where they got the name "Morris"-- haven't found it in any of their family lines, so it might have been pulled out of a hat.

The line of "Fishes" (Fishies?) they descend from goes back to Revolutionary War heroes and early colonists... then, over the big water to Jolly Ol' England. To disconnect from roots as heavy as these often means there was some sort of altercation in the up-close-and-personal.

Grandpa Fish/Morris and his wife had nine little Fishes... all of whom became Morrises along with him. Grandpa had six full Fish-siblings and 8 half-sibs that were Fishes too... and none of these folks became Morrises. So, Grandpa disconnected all by himself... and took his offspring and their offspring with him.

Bert's dad was 30 when he became a Morris, and Grandpa was 53. The name change happened three years before Grandpa's father died.

Bert's dad and Grandpa were both Master Carpenters... Great-Grandpa was a farmer. Maybe the Morris name was that of a carpentry-mentor?

Mysteries are fun to pursue, but not always solvable.



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