Anyone know the date of this Rushton catalog?


This is a Rushton catalog I just picked up. I have included 2 views...the front cover and the first page inside the front cover. I cannot determine the date but think it is in the teens. There are no prices or dates. J. H. Rushton is misspelled throughout as J."W." Rushton. This mispelling occurs on the top line of every page, the cover, the first page as pictured, and the ordering info page. The descriptions on some of the canoes has it correctly as J.H.Rushton. This is a 7 3/4" long x 4 1/2" high catalog consisting of 64 pages. Any help would be appreciated.


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Not a misprint. Judd W. Rushton was J. Henry Rushton's half-brother. When Rushton died in 1905, the company was incorporated and Rushton's son Harry became general manager. When Rushton's wife Leah died in 1911, Harry moved downstate and Judd W. became manager. Harry retained ownership until 1915. The shop closed in 1917. Thus, your catalog dates to circa 1915-1916.