Another outdoor storage question


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I want to store a canoe in my backyard here in Maryland. The primary issue would probably be ultraviolet light and other problems associated with the outdoors, cold not being a major factor. Building a small shed or roof will probably not be possible, due to community association restrictions!:( I have seen UV protective covers on the market. Any advice on how to do it, plus ideas on securing the canoe by means of locks, cables, etc.? Most appreciative,

I asked this question on a swedish forum and one idea was to build a box where the canoe could be stored. The box could be placed on a pair of sawhorses. This way it may not be so obviousely likely to steal since it´s kind of "invincible". There should´nt be any restrictions (I think?) since it´s removable and not permably attached. If it seems like a lot of work maybe you could build a kind of skin-on-frame-box with a tarp as skin? Some ventilation required in the box. I was also thinking of building a roof which you easy could hook/unhook from the wall, removable (therefor maybe legal?).
Have you looked into one of those sling & pulley rigs that will snug the canoe right up to the roof rafters in the garage? Seems that would be a better answer than trying to work through the Association.

I suspend my canoes from the rafters in my garage as Ric suggested. A tarp or awning on the side of a building can be another good solution. These are usually considered temporary so they may not be a regulatory problem. A cable or chain through the thwarts and seats that is locked to the building will discourage most thieves. Good luck,

no garage!

Unfortunately, I don't have a garage. The box idea sounds interesting since I don't want to leave the boat in the open. I have thought of getting new windows in the basement to fit a kayak through, but no way could a 17' Otca get through there.
Out here on the wet coast I discovered to my dismay that the cold eastern winters were a canoe storer's friend and the damp moist air during our rainy season was the biggest enemy, If location , location, location is the moniker for real estate sales; then ventilation , ventilation, ventilation is the boat's equivalent. peter