Another Morris Found!


Curious about Wooden Canoes
After 15 years I just discovered the canoe I have in the barn is a 18ft B N Morris S/N12919. Not an Old Towne as the seller described


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The 12XXX serial number indicates your canoe is possibly circa 1914. I've logged your canoe into the Morris database. If there are any unusual features or more pictures you can share, please do.

Note that the serial number plate has the long side perpendicular to the splay of the stem. In the Morris database, this is seen in a few 11XXX and 12XXX series canoes, so there was possibly some worker who chose to tack it on that way... doin' his own thing.

It appears a flag holder once was located where the hole is, that currently holds a rope. The flag holders are diamond-shaped.

December issue of Wooden Canoe will have a story about CJ Molitor and BN Morris canoes.

Morris 12919

Thank you
It has a bow and stern flag staff holder. Its up in a loft and hard to get good pics right now but I will be getting down soon. I will send you what I have. I always thought it was an OT and I sent OT the S/N 15 years ago and they sent me the attached hull card. What do you make of that? Model XX? Or do you think it has a S/N the same as another OT?


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This seems to happen with some regularity. Old Town produced so many canoes that it's not at all unlikely that serial numbers from Morris canoes and others are represented in Old Town records. I frequently see canoes misidentified as Old Town, and they clearly don't fit the build record, or are obviously from a different timeframe from that stated on the build record.

Your canoe is without a doubt Morris; it just happens to have the same serial number as the number given by Old Town to an XX.