An old WCHA member/friend has passed on


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Dave Bobbie of Shuswap Canoe Works, Tappen, BC passed away on Sept. 17. His business included w/c canoe repairs, restorations , materials and Grey Owl paddles. He also custom built four w/c canoe models. They were the 12 1/2' Solo, 15' Otter, 16' Shuswap and the 16 1/2 Otter Special. We will miss you Dave.
Thanks for posting.
Dave was the one who led me down the slippery slope of canoe restorations and later building.
To this novice he was always ready to help,listen and pass along his vast knowledge of canoes and canoe construction.I sure used up some of his time when I used to stop by his shop-never hid when he seem me coming.