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I am about to make repairs in canvas (in the shop, not in the wilderness).

I plan to insert lighter weight cotton material under the holes and "glue" it in place as per the often recommended method.

My question is: Amberoid glue is the "traditional" method. Has anyone had experience with any of the "GOOP" products for this type repair? (Marine, shoe, plumbers GOOP....all the same 'stuff' just depends on how it is marketed)

I've had excellent results using ECLECTIC 6000, an Industrial product (they also make GOOP, the commercial grade). It is tough, flexible, and adheres to many surfaces.

What is the experience of the 'list' members with substituting GOOP or ECLECTIC in place of AMBROID for making patches to holes and splits in canvas covered canoes?

you can respond direct, it you prefer

Marine Goop

I used marine goop on a rather large hole (about the size of a quarter) and then painted over it with enamel. It worked fine and is proving to be very durable. Maybe the only trouble I had was getting it to smooth out. It sticks to tools and behaves somewhat like rubber cement.

Your results may vary.

I ran some tests with Marine Goop when restoring my Peterborough. I used Northwood #10 M.R. canvas. I was impressed with the strength of the tests, and I knew it was water proof. So I used it to seal the closing flaps at the stems during re-canvasing.[between the two flaps, not on the wood]. Worked great.

More on Goop

Don't get any Goop on areas you will be filling. For some reason, the filler I used didn't dry on an errant spot of goop.Use it sparingly.