Albany NY area canvas party


OK, It's last minute and it's not a party, but Dan Miller will be helping me canvas a 17' OT Otca tomorrow afternoon. We will be filling it using Cecofil. Anyone in the area wanting to come out and help/heckle are welcome. I'm in the Voorheesville area. Shoot me an e-mail with your phone # and I'll give you directions and details.

Might even put something on the grill and consume adult beverages - who knows.

Coded e-mail to prevent harvesters is:

m*c*a*v*a*n*a* Remove the * for real address.

If I was a little closer, I would be there. Really interested in the Cecofil and how that wil go. Please share with the rest on that proceedure. Since I cannot be there, but in spirit, can you send an adult beverage to me?

Good luck tomorrow,

I'll see if SWMBO or someone else will volunteer to shoot some photos and I'll write up a bit for the forum. I'll post in the W&C section.

I'll compromise on the beverage - I won't mail one, but I'll drink it on your behalf:D
LEave now - you might be able to get a flight to get here by tomorrow afternoon - beer is on me!
Wish that it was that easy.So maybe with a libation in each hand you can lift one for me and one for Ric.
Likely be better off without me as foreman anyways:D Thanks for the invite!
Good luck with the project!
"locals" here.

Locals are here, Mike, but in this case there might not be any canoe activity this weekend other than reading the forums - weather and must-do house projects...Quaff a frosty on my behalf.

Mike H.
Mike Heines said:
...Quaff a frosty on my behalf.
Mike H.

Wow! I now have to drink 3 beers just to honor my friends - I may not get to canvassing!:eek:

All locals still invited!
Mr Boles was perfectly correct. Old Speckeled Hen ale, properly served goes well with Cecofil.

Mission accomplished, 17' OTCA canvassed and one coat of Cecofil in about 4 hours! Thanks to Dan Millers expertise and the well wishes of everyone.

More on the cecofil in a few days.


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Good job guy's!

Thanks for the tip of the do you have to go back tomorrow to sand out the beard hair?

Can't wait to see the project notes,

Canvas on, 3 coats of cecofil and one coat (so far of spackle/primer mix) Damp weather has been a bei of a problem getting things to dry ok. Gonna post details in the WC threads as soon as I get a minute to think.