After the restoration...


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Having had the restoration complete, I was wondering...

What is the best way to carry the canoe down to the water from the truck and minimize wear and tear? Do you put your hand under the decks? Should I install a ring or rope handle? Or should I just make a sling that goes around the hull for carrying ease?
Carry preferances

Your question suggests that you would expect to have two people carrying the canoe. Regardless I actually prefer to do it solo if there is any distance or odd terrain involved. Two people are more likely to bobble and fumble. Flip it up on your shoulders and carry it. Let your partner lead the way or make sure that you are not bouncing your nice decks on the ground. Solo you would be doing the same.

If it's a short distance and there are two of you we tend to carry the canoe from under the boat rather from the decks but only if it's really flat and easy terrain. It's easy to lose a grip on the boat, especially one that's still nice, fresh and smooth.

If the terrain is at all challenging, we grab under the decks. You get a really good hold from there. But best of all our Traveller and our Carleton have grab thwarts near the decks. You can't top these for a working canoe. They are a great carry resource and they also provide a real nice tie-down.