After Canvas Filling??


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm restoring a 16' Old Town CS canoe vintage 1941. The planks are not totally smooth and do show somewhat after filling the canvas. I have three coats of waterproofing on and when sanded small indentations show. It looks a lot better than it did before I started but if I can smooth out the finish I would be much happier. Is there a product out there that can be used to smooth out the finish before priming and painting?

I really don't want to put another fine coat of filler on unless absolutely necessary.

Need advice. Thanks.
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You might have better luck if you reposted your question in the wood/canvas section of the forum.

For what it's worth, my recollection is that the instructions that come with Rollin's filler say not to recoat once the filler is dry. I believe you will have better luck using multiple coats of high build primer such as Zinser 123 and sanding heavily between coats. If there are some really troublesome spots you can try using some automotive glazing putty on those areas. It's available in small tubes from auto supply stores like NAPA.
You can get yourself in trouble by over "burnishing" the filler (done it myself).
Later down the road paint adhesion might rear it's ugly head if you get things too smooth and polished.

It's best to get the filler to a nice smooth finish and then fuss with the micro polish with your paint and primer coats.
If you have intentions to add filler, that should have been done before it cured and within hours after the first coats.
x2 on the high build oil-based primer. Sands much easier than finish enamel and should take care of most remaining problems. Keep in mind the hull is now 70 and anything that old will have lumps and bumps ;)