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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello everyone,
Please send your ideas. In order to get back to my true love (wood/canvas canoes) I need to sell the following: a 15' Kevlar/Cherry trim Adirondack Guideboat and a 12', 20 lb Kevlar, double paddle canoe. They will be replaced with something like a 15' or 16' Prospector and 12' or 14' solo cedar/canvas canoe. Both boats are in excellent condition but finding buyers is the hard part. Any ideas out there?
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The classifieds section at is a good place to sell canoes. Also try Where are you located and can you give me a description and price for the little canoe?
Kevlar solo canoe

Andy, I forgot to tell you the canoe lives in Fairport NY near Rochester and surely too far for you to drive.
Kevlar Guide boat

Any thoughts on a price for the guideboat?? I assume this is the same boat in the classifieds.... If the price is right I might know someone in upstate that may be interested in it.


Adirondack Guideboat

To Keith P.
Somehow my emails are not sending so you probably have not heard from me.
the price will save your friend at least $800 over a new boat with the same equipment and this boat is essentially still new. they can reach me (I think) at :
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Tom Kayser