Advertising photo shoot in Montauk, New York

Benson Gray

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There is a advertising photo shoot in Montauk, New York on September 9th and 10th which wants to rent a green wooden sailing canoe with a white sail. Contact Kelsey Hall at 917-355-1370 or if you have one and want more information.
Green Canoe, White Sail

I replied via email offering Green Canoe, White Sail, but heard nothing. I suspect they changed their boat requirements. Can't say the WCHA didn't try to assist.
Can't say the WCHA didn't try to assist.

No, they can't say that the WCHA didn't try. I offered to drive down with up to five different sailing canoes, rig, and sail them for two days. Bob Bassett offered his Kennebec sailing canoe as shown at as well. They indicated that their total budget for the canoe was slightly more than $1000 so I suggested that they would need to find someone much closer than Maine to be able to rent, transport, rig, and sail a wooden canoe for that. That was when I offered to advertise their request here. I don't know what they ended up doing.

Having worked in the commercial photography/video industry for many years I can say these things are like clouds. Big, impressive, puffy, and more often than not, resulting in no rain.

Things change at a moment's notice, on a whim, and today's sailing canoe is now tomorrow's vintage Land Rover because an art director with ADD saw one on a post card in a bar.