Adirondack Freestyle Symposium

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
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Adirondack FreeStyle Symposium

The 2010 Adirondack FreeStyle Symposium will be sited on scenic Wolf pond in Raybrook New York , 11-14 July. Accommodations are in cabins at Sherwood Forest Motor Lodge, with camping available in Meadowbrook DEC Campground just across NY Rt 86.

The event will focus on advancing technique for the open canoe, with three days of on-water instruction.

Details will be available soon. Email to be added to the communications list.
Raybrook is just up the road from Paul Smith's College. My son and I stayed at a motel there for an assembly several years ago. We had sold out the campus and I had not done an advanced sign-up. The free style session is a great time to learn how to move a canoe in any direction. When some of the paddle strokes are put together one can "dance" across the water. Fun, fun, fun!