Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just started using this forum a few weeks ago, reading the archives and I found it difficult sometimes (being a native german speaker) to understand messages when posters use abbreviations. I still don't know what TLC means, for instance.

So how about adding a list of abbreviations to the forum? Maybe there's not enough demand for this but I would certainly find it useful.

Welcome, Thomas

It's incredibly refreshing to know we have members all over the world!

This message board doesn't use as much of the "jingo" sort of abbreviations you'll see on other boards. Much of that abbreviated talk began with instant messaging and worsened with text messaging... which may eventually lead to a decrease in the ability to actually write a real sentence, IMHO (in my humble opinion).

In addition to being informed that a canoe may need TLC, you may see someone recommend using TSP, which is tri sodium phosphate (for cleaning surfaces). Don't hesitate to ask, if things don't make sense to you.

Any pictures of the places where you canoe?

Joe, thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Kathryn, thank you for your welcome! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures right now, but I will take some photos next time I'm there. Attached is a satellite view of lake Walenstadt from



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