A trailer for a 25 foot canoe?


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Does anyone have any photos to share of a trailer suitable for hauling a 25 foot canoe?

Would be nice if I could pull it with a Samurai, but that would be dreaming...
Here's one,

That's my nephew in the picture. I later added a angled support to the front mast.



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I made one by replacing the tongue on a standard (16ft) speedboat trailer with an extra long one (10ft). Seemed to work well, with some extra rollers along its length. Because it was such an ungainly and long trailer, I folded it in half every fall by lifting the tongue and folding it onto the bunks..... until I hurt my shoulder manhandling the extra length of steel. Now the trailer has a home in the underbrush in the off season.
thankyou for the replies,

quite helpful.

and as to swords, I wish I had a photo of my samurai hauling the 20 foot grumman home on it's roof rack.

Took quite while for the guy in the ferry toll booth to figure the fare, height surcharge, or length...
Sorry Zute,

couldn't resist. :)

And yes, a pic of it with your Grumman would be fun,
a while back somebody posted a pic of a short vehicle with a very long canoe,
don't remember if it was a war canoe or not but it was long.

But back to the trailers, if you get one of the right design, replacing the tongue is fairly easy and just a bolt in job. (ie, the style that the trailer pivots at the end of the tongue). Here in MN, there are always plenty at this time of the year, in good condition for something in the $300-400 range. Larger and newer and the price goes up.