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Kathryn Klos

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Here's a picture of Denis Kallery's canoe shop. With the rebate, it cost under $60.00 (at Menard's). The previous shop had the whole wide world for walls and the sun and stars for a ceiling. This one will have a snow-load problem, but for the moment Denis can work on the de-glassing of a '46 Penn Yan Rainbow with a tad of protection from sun and rain.


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Recalling Recent Hail...

Hmmm... we had an amazing hail storm here a week ago, that tore holes in vinyl siding (see picture from the local paper). We know Den's current shop is temporary, but the weather will dictate just how long "temporary" lasts!


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I may need a tent like this for boat painting and other repairs, as we don't have a garage or other roofed area for this kind of work. I am not familiar with Menard's though. Can you provide a link or list of suppliers? Thanks.
Got mine from Pep Boys - auto parts supplier. +/- $150 with the sides/door kit. Works quite well, I got the "deluxe" version with the sides that you can roll up or down. Was able to comfortably work there in all conditions. Ran a string of 5 - 100W CFL bulbs allong the ridge and it lit up very nicely - that white plastic reflects and makes a nice even light. One word of caution - if you are in a windy area spring for the heavy duty screw in type anchors - these critters fly well in a wind!

Attached photo shows Dan Miller & I on "Canvas Day" for my last boat. Tent/workshop in in the backgrgound.


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Don B.
Check at Lowes or Home Depot. Menards is pretty much an upper midwest store.
They had the sides available too, but I'll just use cheap tarps as the side curtains were another $60.
If you can't find one where you are at let me know and we'll see what we can do from here.
There's an address and phone number for the structure in Denis Kallery's side yard. It is:

150 Callendar Road
CT 06795