A nice photo


Novice Canoe Restorer
I haven't shared this because I just figured out how to post a photo on the post-crash forum.

This is the Snake River below Lake Jackson, WY but above Pacific Creek. This is really the image I had in my mind that summer of 2003 while everyone on this board was helping me restore this 1929 OT Guide. We did the family trip to Yellowstone in 2005 as a promised Eagle Scout gift to my son #1. We did everything on that trip (fished 4 rivers, horses, swam in the Firehole river, etc etc.) including hauling the OT up to canoe the Snake. I really do love this photo and have a large version next to my work bench

That is a stunning photo. I can only find one thing wrong with it,,, I wasnt there :p Very very nice
Nice photo Eric. Sounds like you've had trouble sending a photo earlier. Same here. I completed a restoration on my Mullins last year and tried several times to send a photo even following the instructions. Finally just gave up last fall and haven't tried since. Rivers running full up here in the Rocky Mtn West. Had a lot of rain which we haven't had for several years.
I figured out that bracket IMG bracket http address bracket forward slash IMG bracket will post the photo. Here it is in quotation marks.