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Thought you guys in the canoe sailing fraternity might enjoy a look at these - trophy medals won by the great Leo Friede, canoe sailor extraordinaire.

From left to right: 1912 - "Sailing open canoes", Associated Canoe Clubs of the Hudson; 1916 - ACA, "Sailing Trophy, 3rd Race"; 1919 - ACA, "Sailing Trophy Championship" and 1926 - ACA, "!st, Sailing Canoes Trophy, 2nd Heat, 8 mile windward and leeward" (held at Lake George).
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In a display case in my living room. They popped up on eBay a few years ago. I was lucky enough win a few, although there were several others as I recall. Not sure that Leo Friede's name was disclosed at the time; as I recall, they were simply described as "old ACA medals". Have to confess that I didn't truly recognize their significance until after they arrived and I learned more about who Friede was, and the many accomplishments he made as a canoe sailor - World Championships and such.

Glad you like them. They should be enjoyed by many. That's why I wanted to post the pics.
Very cool, thanks for doing that. Tell you what, I have access to articles about him and I can republish those. Would you allow me to use your photo of the medals with the articles?
Absolutely, Ed. You, and any others who wish, are always welcome to share in the enjoyment of any of the things I have managed to collect over the years. That's half the fun of it all; sharing the excitement and the pleasure. I hate to see these things just hidden way, gathering dust, not appreciated for what they represent. Use the photo. I'll even be happy to take more if you like, although I'm no expert with a camera.
Thanks, Roger! Since you ask....I could use a larger photo. If you used a digital camera, it probably created the image in a large size, which you in turn made smaller to go in the forum. I need the large size. What other interesting things do you have you could share?

Email me at editor@canoesailingmagazine.com

Thanks for sharing!

Roger, I guess you have shared these with John Summers? Having Mermaid II under Dans care now, I'm sure he'd be excited about those.
Great find!
Coincidentally, I met John Summers at the Canoe Museum last week, when we discussed a number of things, including these medals and an old ACA souvenir miniature (30") paddle from their Regatta at Hay Island, in the Thousand Islands, way back in 1899. See photos. Hopefully, John will shortly be visiting one of these days, to see the medals, paddle and a few other bits and pieces in person. I did send him some photos earlier today, and decided to post them, here, as well. Kind of helps to get through the 'end-of-winter-blahs' when one can share these pleasures with others of like mind.


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winter blahs

Roger, any more winter blahs and you are welcome to swing by and help move around some canoes into tighter storage so I can get back to work after the move! Lots of projects lined up..
Seriously, I think outside of John and Dan and myself there's maybe a handful of people who know of Leo's canoe sailing prowess.
Leo's boat..