A&F canoe choice?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm new here and hoping for some advice. Looks like a nice forum and a great bunch of people.
I have 2 Abercrombie & Fitch cedar/canvas canoes. Both are 16' with 32" beam. One appears to be a Portage model with wider rib spacing and thinner planks. Both are poorly fiberglassed.
I mostly solo flatwater, but occasionally tandem. I'm planning to restore one and sell the other.
I don't know how delicate a portage model is relative to the other. I'd love to find what the original weights were for comparison.
I'd very much appreciate any info or advice. Thanks much!

emblem says Abercombie & Fitch, New York, in embossed brass.
Abercombie & Fitch

These guys sold the canoes, they did not build them.

Have you looked for serial numbers on the stems?

The one in the pictures looks like the deck on a Old Town Otca, but the thwart looks like later Rushton or even the guy who built a look alike Rushton,(St. Lawrence Canoe?).

The more I think about it the deck could be a long deck Rushton. I see part of the stem but not sure if is the 1" plus square that Rushton's had. The pictures show what appear to be the larger "D" shaped inwales which could limit it's ID as not being an OT and could make it a Rushton.

I'd like to see more pictures and pics of the other canoe. You may have two different builders.

Looks like a nice canoe.

Good luck,

I'll post more photos friday a.m. The other canoe says A&F and Old Town, and is in better shape-I've paddled it twice and it takes on a little water(don't use it now so I don't promote rot)
Both have the serial numbers and I'll check and post them
That one is an OTCA for sure.

You will notice the shape of the thwart is very different than the one in the first pictures.

Can't wait to see more pics of the other canoe. I'd like to see the stern seat without the carpet. I've attached a pic that's been posted on our site before of a Rushton. The thwart is a perfect match.



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It's my understanding that A&F offered canoes from many of the popular builders: Old Town, Carlton, Morris, White, Rushton... probably several others.
planking measure .140" thick
stern seat is gone,but here's the bow seat

decks are not nearly as swept upa as the OTCA


How big is the stem and did you find any serial number or other stamp.

The seat supports are correct for a Rushton. I can't see it clearly in the picture but it looks like the top plank at the middle of the canoe is at least 6" wide. That would be another Rushton ID feature. Rushton planking was very narrow just as on your canoe.

You don't have the original stem and gunnel profile as it appears in the picture they have been chopped down. I'd guess both tips have been cut down do to past rot. You need to step back a bit when you take your pictures, we have not seen the entire deck or the canoe.

What I've seen so far does not confirm or eliminate Rushton.

I was wondering about the bow and stern profile being so low, since everything I've seen from that era is so "swept up".
the stems are about 1/2 x1 at the top, but i have to measure to be sure.
I haven't been able to read the serial number stamped, but it's there. looks like 3 numbers with a larger letter O in front? the varnish over it is wrinkled and interfering-how should I strip it to read the number better?
I'll get some full length photos tomorrow
thanks again!
A&F Co. paddle

I bought a Morris canoe a while ago and a paddle came with it marked with "A&F Co." intertwined stamped on the blade. The canoe dates from 1914+/- and the paddle has always been with the boat according to the former owner. Initials are also stamped on the blade but dispite my best genealogical efforts I have not identified who it is.

A&F used to sell good sporting goods, now they only sell expensive tee shirts and jeans with worn out knees.

Attached is a picture of the logo on the paddle. Sorry if this is a little off topic.

Jim C.


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