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:confused: This "Frugal Yankee" is looking to acquire 72" canvas duck locally to save shipping costs:rolleyes: Anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase locally within 150 miles of Boston, MA? Will start re-canvassing an old Kennebec w/c boat (sorry avid canoists) as soon as the weather breaks. Thanks

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Good informatlion

:D thanks for the information. Sent an email off to Bill Clements. Grew up in Billerica and had my first canoe on a small Lake (Pond) there. I will see if he has any in stock!...Yah gotta luv this Association...All the answers are in here if you only ASK!

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If Bill can't come thru for you, I recall hearing from Steve Lapey in Groveland, Ma, that he got his canvas from an outfit in Texas. While that doesn't meet your criteria for distance, I've known Steve a long time and he's about the biggest cheapska . . . I mean frugal yankee I know. Steve doesn't frequent the board much, but I got pass on your interest, if Bill C can't meet your need and budget.
Yah gotta luv this association!

Thanks to all for the input!....If all else fails, I will take a trip up to Rollin Thurlows.. I am sure he has plenty...Saw rolls of it hanging there when I visited his shop last summer...Would love to see it again. But as for now...they are forecasting another snow situation so my bout with spring fever is temporarily on hold!
Hello, You might try this place. I haven't used their product but I'm told by a couple painters (artists) that their canvas is good quality stuff. Artists are usually pretty picky albeit broke so their prices might be what my friends appreciate the most. Their stuff comes in bigger sizes too. I think you should be able to get them to send you a swatch (usually a 6"x6" piece) to have a look at and see if it will be what you want.

If you look under their "Store Finder" link they do have a store in Cambridge, Mass.
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