2017 Annual Assembly

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Next year's Annual Assembly will be held July 11 to July 16, 2017, at Paul Smith's College.

The theme for 2017 is "Paddles and Accessories".

We are looking for people to lead workshops, demonstrations or presentations on paddles, sailing rigs, tumps, wanigans, canvas tents, camp cookery, etc. Please step forward and share your expertise on canoeing accessories and techniques.
I'm wondering if someone can repost the wonderful picture of the woman in the canoe for the add of the 2017 assembly and possible give some info about the photo?
I'm wondering if someone can repost the wonderful picture of the woman in the canoe for the add of the 2017 assembly and possible give some info about the photo?

The image is from a postcard in my collection. I chose it for the ad due to all the accouterments shown that fit with the Assembly theme.

The card is dated 1903, beyond that all I know is what is shown in the card itself.



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Thank you, I ask because I have the canoe in the postcard. I have not been able to indentify the maker but assumed it was from the Charles area like the postcard says. I am missing the front seat that was made to be removeable and hung on bronze brackets mounted to the bottom of the inwale. This is a great photo of what I need to make and helps a lot. I did find the canoe just outside of Boston.

Here is a peak preview of the draft program for Assembly;


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Here are updates to the draft Assembly Program.

Note; If you are interested in the all day (Thursday) workshop to make your own Adirondack pack basket, please let Annie anniegburke@gmail.com know so we get an idea of possible numbers.
Weave an Adirondack Packbasket Sandy Muller of Clear Creek Weavers leads an all day workshop Thursday 9AM-4:30PM; $80 large, $70 small, harness $20 (red or green) [Construction Tent 1]

Also, the concurrent Adirondack Canoe Symposium is offering two freestyle classes to WCHA members;

ACS Freestyle Instructor TBA

Learn some strokes and maneuvers to make your canoe more obedient on lakes and rivers. This overview class will be geared to the paddler who has never tried freestyle but is comfortable with going straight on paddling tours. We will be kneeling. Bring your own boat, paddle, PFD and kneeling pad. Solo boats, kneeling pads and paddles will be available to borrow, if needed. Limited to 5 participants. (Fri. 9:30-10:45) [Church Pond] – across the road from PSC.


Good teamwork is the key to successful and enjoyable tandem paddling. This class will focus on developing the "teamwork" approach, and might include paddling in sync, developing a good feel for what is happening at the other end of the canoe, responsibilities and repertoire of maneuvers for bow and stern paddlers, developing technique and finesse rather than just using strength, and maneuvers and strokes to encourage paddling efficiency. Bring your own boat, paddle and PFD. Limited to 4 canoes. (Fri. 9:30-10:45) [Portage Landing Dock]

These classes are free to WCHA members.


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Much of our discussion at the Winter Board Meeting this year centered on how to get younger folks to the Assembly. Much to my surprise, all I had to do is ask my teenagers!

Bring your kids, your kid's kids, their kids, the neighbor's kids etc. You get the idea!

Register today. See you there and bring some kids.

I cannot come and represent the UK this year at Assembly but have sent over via Dan Miller, a video presentation demonstrating paddling conditions in the UK & Europe, some of the wooden canoes which we have over here and also a tale of the restoration of a Thomas Gordon canoe which I was given to re-home. Benson gave a preview of the presentation at the recent Maine Canoe Symposium and I gather that it went down well. I enjoyed putting it together so I hope you all enjoy it.

I have also sent across an item for the auction which you will have to bid blind on but to the successful bidder I a sure that they will not be disappointed; I just need to remind and nudge Dan Miller to take it with him to Paul Smiths !!

Have a great Assembly and we will see you definitely in 2018 !

Chapter Head WCHA-UK
Another paddling excursion has been added to the program for those who might want to explore the area;

Guided Paddle to Keese’s Mill & Upper St. Regis Jim Clearwater leads a group paddle to Keese’s Mill, ½ mile carry (1/4 mile is on flat road ie. cart friendly) to North Bay of Upper St. Regis Lake, then return paddle via Spitfire to Paul Smith’s. (Fri. 12:30 start, return for dinner) [Beach]

Essentially, this is an extension of the Friday morning route, with an added portage (1/4 mile on road, 1/4 mile over a moraine) and return trip allowing exploration of the many well appointed boathouses found on Upper St. Regis and Spitfire Lakes.
The postcard from 1903 that you have shown above, any idea of who the canoe maker could be? Assuming only a short list of builders from the Charles area at the turn of the century. Looks to be a courting canoe before the long deckers arrived on the scene a few years later. I have started the restoration of the identical canoe. There are nail holes in the deck but unfortunately the tag is missing.