2006 Assembly

Dave Osborn

Before the "crash" there was some talk of losing Paul Smiths as an assembly site in 2006.

I've never been to Hocking College, but on the 'net this place looks to have several of the site criteria required for an assembly.

Looks promising.>>> College campus 2300 acres…lakefront…trails…..lodging…..dorms… camping…..services.....security....food…., etc.


:D Hi, Dave, I like your idea of the 2006 Assembly being held in Ohio, I checked the site and sounds like a great location to do a lot of outdoors stuff.
Get the ball rolling, hopefully powers to be will check it out.

Sounds like a great spot and also will be located in the heart of all the WCHA membership as well. I would enjoy taking a ride out that way to see where Columbus came from, eh? LOLOLOL

Drop me an email, I have not heard from you in a while, I have some $!00.00 brass bolts I want to send you, for that "Special Canoe you may be restoring"

Cheers, see ya, etc.