1979 Old Town Canoe info

The scanned records only go up to 210999 so no one here can tell you much about your serial number other than it is likely to be boat number 224,062 in their build sequence. The Old Town Canoe Company is most likely to respond to a serial number request if you send them the number, a check for three dollars, and mention part number 01.1332.0100 which is shown at http://oldtown.wcha.org/parts.html as "BUILD RECORD HISTORY RESEARCH."

The Coast Guard's identification number starts with XTC for Old Town Canoe and the last two digits should be the year when it was shipped, 1979 in this case. The last letter may indicate that it shipped in August since "H" is the eighth letter and August is the eighth month. Feel free to reply there or here if you have any other questions.