1922 OT Charles River


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About a month ago I found an Old Town Charles River canoe on craigslist,I have always wanted a W/C canoe and the price was right so I bought it. Having no Idea what I was getting my self into the first thing I did was Google 1922 old town canoe. I quickly arrived at the WCHA web site and began reading, I have read back about three years worth of post in the wood canvas forum plus I purchased The Wood Canvas Canoe book and I joined the WCHA. Yesterday I built a pair of saddles to begin this years winter project.

The canoe appears to be in good shape I could not find any broken ribs or planking. One of the inwales is cracked right where there seem to have been a center thwart or yoke mounted. Also both decks have a split starting where the stem band hold down screw hole is. Both out wales seem ok, but it looks like someone took a saw to the rails on one side (see pic) it's not to deep may 1/8”.

The first thing I plan on doing is removing the stem bands next the keel then the out wales and canvas unless someone suggest a better place to start.


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Congrats on your canoe and welcome

Hi Granite,
Welcome to the forum. You have a nice vintage Old Town .You will find a wealth of expert information from the folks here and do not hesitate to post questions that come up while you undertake your restoration project this winter. If I can be of any assistance, I am in the next town to you, Danville, NH. You are welcome to visit my shop at any time after the weather turns cold and I am in the shop most every day. I have a portable saw mill and cut all the wood for my canoe refurbishment projects. Give me a call cell 603-303-0790. I would also highly recommend your joining our Norumbega Chapter of the WCHA. Steve Lapey is our chapter leader and the person you need to contact to join. His phone # is 978-374-1104. Steve will give you info on the next chapter meeting coming up in February.

Welcome to the WCHA and to the Forums! Looks like a very nice canoe that will be beautiful (we love "progress pictures")... and you are sooo lucky to have a nearby-chapter!