18' old town?


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Could someone please post any info available for what apppears to be an 18' old town
serial number 18497 18.
Thanks in advance, Macky
Hi Macky-- Maybe not an Old Town, or not the right serial number. Old Town 18497 is a 16 foot boat, not a canoe.

Could be a Carleton... see below. Carletons of this era are quite often identical to Old Towns but for the decal...


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Carleton usually have a heart-shaped deck but are also seen with the ogee-shape typical of Old Town.

Love that dead grass color!
Kathy, the "Dead Grass" canoe is a17' Chestnut Cronje. Dead grass sounds better than pea soup green. I t5hink Chestnut called it grey.
The 18' canoe is one on ebay that is near me in Homosassa, FL. The inside has been striped and stained. Outside painted back/green.