18' Old Town Otca Serial Number 135628

Timothy Eaton

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Looking for pictures of how the decks join the stem and inwales. Also looking for a brand recommendation and where to purchase for orange shellac.
There is a good series of photos showing the entire restoration for a Guide's model at http://www.canoehullabaloo.com/beeby-canoe/intro.html with several images showing how the decks join the stem and inwales. The curves and angles would be slightly different in your Otca model but the inside stem simply butts up against the deck and inside rails in the same way. I don't have any experience with orange shellac so I can't offer any advice for that.

It would be helpful to indicate what you want to do with the shellac? There are 2 basic flavors of shellac - de-waxed, and those containing a waxy substance. Within both are a pretty full range of colors from nearly clear up to garnet (rich red). "Orange" is a step or two below the garnet.

Shellac is a great sealer and can serve as a boundry coat between two dissimilar coatings since it adheres to pretty much everything and pretty much everything adheres to it.

If you are using the shellac as a sole finish, the waxy variety will sand nicely and additional coats will "melt" into the previous coat.

If you are using the shellac to seal bare wood, seal a stain or create a intermediate coat between dissimilar finishes - use the de-waxed shellac. Top coats, such as spar varnish will stick to it much better.

Zinsser makes premixed shellac a can (roughly a 3# cut straight) that comes in white (pigmented), clear or amber (orange) - but this is their waxy variety. In unwaxed. their "Seal Coat" is clear and a good undercoat for other finishes. If you want ready mixed tinted shellac, the only option is to use Seal Coat with an alcohol soluable dye, like TransTint.

The best thing, in many opinions, is to mix your own from shellac flakes (or seed, or buttons) and Denatured Alcohol. Mix what you can use, because it can go bad.

Here is a good resource on shellac - I've ordered from them and they seem pretty good. http://www.shellac.net/

Hope this helps.