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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello Everyone,
I have just registered and hope you all can help me. I am trying to date and identify the model of an E.M.White canoe which I purchased about 18 years ago from friends of my wife's parents. It was on Kezer Pond in Maine for about 50 years before I got it. The dimensions of the canoe are about identical to the Rushton "Indian Girl" shown on Northwoods' web page. It needs restoration which I plan to do in my retirement ( rapidly approaching). I have the name plate and stem bands which I understand are a critical characteristic of E. M. White's canoes.
Any help is appreciated.

There are some White catalogs on CD, which can be used to help date canoes if we have pictures... and we do love pictures!
Thanks for the reply

I hope to photo document the canoe soon. Current weather conditions preclude success in thaat activity.
The rear seat is rectangular. The deck is triangular with an inwardly arched base. It measures 10 1/2 inches on the side, 3 9/16 inches on the base. We are having bad weather through the weekend, so I probable will not get pics this week.
Serial No.?

Is there a serial number on your stem(s)? I think the rule of thumb is White started using serial nos. after about 1940. If your canoe does not have one it may date from before 1940.
I 've braved the elements between squals to get a few pics. As you can see I have a lot to do.


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Attached are a couple images of S/n's in other Whites, look on the top surface of the stems, near the ends on the 'floor".


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Forgot to add, just to make you feel better, I got a 16 ft White a few years ago from Dan M that makes your's look very nice. :)

And keep us posted with pics, more pics, as you bring her back to life.

Hey Andy (Toolbox) - great to see you back with a fully-restored E.M. White after 10 years! Congratulations on your perseverance, and so happy that you came back onto the forums after so long to show us the final product. Love those bang plates, and it's great that you put it all back together just as it was. So have you had it out on the water yet? I'll bet it is a thrill to paddle. I'm slowly working on an old White myself. Hopefully someday I can post photos here for you to see. I'm going to shoot for June 21, 2030...

Thanks for the kind words. This was an apprentice project of long duration. Many miscues. The brass stem covers were a real trial. I have just started my second restoration, a 1938 CS OTCA 17 in terrible disrepair. Gunwales, decks and at least 30 ribs. I hope to be a little faster this time.