Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
In Memoriam
John Summers' article on building those sporty little sailers that he, Andre', and Dan Miller like to tool around in (or on) is in WoodenBoat this month (No. 214).:)
Recognized my gloved hand, did you? Squeaked in there 2 months in a row, but no headshot so cant really prove it....;)
Really, who sits IN a canoe anymore...


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Who am I to judge. Having seen you stand in a canoe, sit outside a canoe, sleep in a canoe, and assorted other things, I will take your word for it that that is indeed your glove, though I question if it is your hand within.
More 16/30's! Race time at Killbear?
wait till my IC is up and running, then you'll see some spectacular wipeouts I am sure. Its just so much fun being one of the tassels on the lunatic fringe.:cool:


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Lunatic Fringe!

"Lunatic Fringe", what a great name for a new 16/30!!

My wife may have me committed too!:eek:
Andre, must admit after chatting with John S. about 16/30's while back and reading up on, the 16/30 is something that looks worth trying....Fitz, thanks for info on article.
I just bought WB the other night, and have read the article about three times. I'm sure that I'll read it another three times before the week is over.

I chatted with Dan and John a few months ago about the 16/30, and it's definitely something that I am shooting for. It looks to be a lot of fun, and will hopefully see more water time than my Laser or Flying Dutchman did.

I'm aiming for a mid-autumn start to my build, and hope to have it completed in time for the WOOD Regatta that WB Magazine is going to have in Rock Hall, MD in May 2011. I'm not 100% sure that this boat fits into their rules for the regatta, but it will be nice to sail with other wooden boats of different types and sizes regardless.

Southern NJ will be represented in the 16/30 class soon (as long as my wife allows me to:D).

Looking forward to part 2 of the article in the next issue of WB.