A friend (Al M for those that know him) recently came over to the dark side and bought his first (of many, I'm sure) WC canoe.

For those keeping track of such things, it is an OT Yankee in CS Grade delivered to Rochester NY in March of 1941. The build record is attached.

Aside from a cracked inwale/outwale on one side and a punctured plank in one end, the boat is in great shape - I believe it had had the original canvas (cut off before he got it, but reminants still around the outwales and keel) which showed 3 layers of paint with the original maroon being the last.

The finish seemed to be shellac (Soluable in DNA), coated with something that darkened and cracked that was soluable in lacquer thinner. Could that be the Smiths Sealer mentioned in the record?


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