1. Ramsgrade

    How much paint to use on my 1940 Yankee

    Just wondering how much paint it takes to put 4 coats of paint on the hull of my restoration 16' Old town Yankee? One Gallon? Thanks,
  2. Howie

    Old Town 16' 1936 Yankee completed

    A blonde on a horse!
  3. Howie

    1941 Yankee restored

    Just completed a 16' 1941 Yankee, serial # 131955-16. I got this back in December at the same time I picked up the Molitor I posted about a few days ago. Keen eyes will note the removable seat backs. I've made these for several canoes over the years. I've got a buyer for the canoe lined up...
  4. Howie

    Just picked up an Old Town Molitor and Yankee

    I got a call from WCHA member Dan yesterday wondering if I'd be interested in his 1941 16' Yankee #131955, and his 1921 18' Molitor #66010. 24 hours later & they are mine (thanks again Dan!). He had copies of the OT build sheet for both canoes from the lady he got them from, so we're sure of...
  5. Howie

    Another 'ta-da' - An Ot 1939 Yankee

    Just finished another Old Town Yankee from 1939. Can't help myself from publishing pics. Not the fancy forked end of the stembands. Got too many canoes so it's posted on WCHA classifides.