1. T

    Lumber choice for durable solid-wood paddles

    I've read a fair bit about different woods and their characteristics, which for the most common seem to range from most durable/heaviest/harder-to-work to lighter/easier-to-work/less durable with something like: ash > maple > cherry > sassafras > spruce > western cedar, at least among the more...
  2. T

    Canvas Canoe Restoration

    Hi all! I have a new project in my hands and many different approaches from a few experienced sources. My original idea was to fibreglass and paint because I've done quite fine jobs with fibreglass before, and also fits in the time and cost budget. But to be honest, I haven’t explored other...
  3. J

    What company made this canoe?

  4. T

    Working On An Old Town Square Stern Boat...

    Good morning, I recently picked up a 16' Old Town Square Stern Model. I am looking to paint and varnish the canoe myself and I am looking to have some pieces (a deck, seats) made by a builder/restorer that I found on the WCHA commercial directory. My 1st question is... where would you start...
  5. HudsonRiver

    25 foot Wood Frame Canoe need ID- Help Identify? Photos attached

    We have been offered this canoe. What is it? Age , brand, any info would be appreciated. Have not found any identifiers as of yet. Thanks for the help. It is 25 feet long, wood frames and gunnels
  6. L

    16' wood kayak value?

    A 16' long wood 2 person kayak was bequeathed to me several years ago. I been out on the water a few times with it but it has been sitting my garage for the most part. I have been told that it is time sell it but I have no idea how much I should list it for. A friend recommened posting a few...
  7. E

    25 ft. Old Town Repairs

    Hi all, I am working on a 25 ft. wood and canvas Old Town canoe from the 1960's. The reoccurring issue is that each season moisture gets trapped between the wood and the canvas of the canoe and then freezes during the winter and tears holes in the canvas. In the past we have mended the tears...
  8. jlarrabee

    Looking for Info: Old Camp Wabun Canoe

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am looking for info on my fathers old canoe. He bought this from Camp Wabun in the late 1980's as it was retired from its tripping life. The brand, or name of the canoe, is Temiskaming. It is wide, and has a round bottom. Currently in need of a new restoration. Any info...
  9. D

    Start up questions ? Restoration and re canvasing

    Restoring / recanvasing an old town canoe. several questions I have :, The canoe canvas was removed by someone a while ago. and the main issue appears to be the wood is very dry . 1. The planking on the canoe is in good shape under the old canvas which...
  10. G

    What do I have...

    This Canoe has been in my family for years> S/N 135685. Thanks.
  11. Howie

    Wood for out/in wales

    Where do you folks get long pieces of wood for in/out wales? I have a friend who'll let me cut down some ash. I believe fresh wood bends/steams better. What's better: wood from big diameter trees or small? I guess with the former you'd have to worry more about knots/limbs - that area...
  12. S

    Type of wood needed for Canoe

    Hi everyone, I'm planning aon building a canoe in the near future but my only concern is what type of wood I would use. I want the wood to be light yet durable, something strong and that could last a lifetime. What would you recommend me? Any info would be a great help. Thank You...