wood canvas canoe

  1. R

    I think it is a chestnut prospector canoe??

    I recently purchased a wood canvas canoe that I want to refinish. I have been a lifelong paddler, but this will be the first boat I will refinish. I am starting to do the research on the boat so that I can try to ensure it is finished as close to the original build as possible and need some...
  2. C

    kennebec canoe co. serial no. 22456 info needed....

    hello.... looking for info on kennebec canoe serial 22456, year, type, possible worth. we have always had this canoe, grandfather purchased it new but I am unsure of the date. thanks for your help
  3. chipfitzgerald

    1913 Old Town Charles River 17 (SN 26259)

    I'm in the planning process of restoring my grandfather's 1913 Old Town Charles River 17' canoe. I need help locating material to replace the original spruce gunwales. I live near Port Huron, MI and was wondering where I might find some spruce that would be 17+ feet long locally or within a...