1. C

    MacKenzie 20' Canoe (My First Canoe)

    I just purchased my first canoe and it seems to have a neat back story, which some here may appreciate--or even have some knowledge of. It is a 20' wood and canvas canoe of unknown builder. The neat back story I referred to is its ownership by Tom MacKenzie. The 20' length of this canoe is...
  2. Howie

    Ta da... E.M.White is done

    I've just completed that 16' E.M.White I picked up last year. Purists may note that the seats & thwarts are a little fancier than Whites had from the factory. I had to remake the seats anyway, so I decided to make them in the curvier Old Town style rather than just the slightly...
  3. T

    Is It A Morris Or A White?

    SN 14079. This canoe served as a tender (note the lack of thwart or bow seat) for a sailboat my grandfather had on the Delaware / Chesapeake. It made its way from greater Philadelphia to the Finger Lakes (1930s ) to the Adirondacks in the early 1940s. It was ALWAYS referred to as "The White"...
  4. Bob Holtzman

    12-foot White?

    I'm looking at an ad on Craigslist Maine for a 12' cedar canoe, purportedly a "white" from the 1940s: http://maine.craigslist.org/boa/1539757342.html I don't think EM White built 12-footers. The clunky-looking portage thwart looks home-made. Any ideas what this might be?