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  1. D

    Old Town 16’

    Hello I’m hoping to gain a little more information about a canoe I recently inherited… purchased by my father’s father. It’s an Old Town wood and canvas. The serial number is 182544 … length is 16’. I’m currently transporting it from NC to WY and will do any restoration there. Would love to...
  2. S

    Serial Search 6465 17

    Hi, Looking for information on an Old Town 6465 17. It was purchased by my wife's Grandfather many years ago. It's possible another number is present but not visible could be 65652 its worn but the swivel on both ends of the canoe. I think I was told it was purchased in 1921. Would have...
  3. Randy Barlow

    Old Town 81366 17

    I'm starting to think about restoring my grandfather's Old Town canoe... Serial number 81366 17. Can I get some information on it? This canoe has seen better days, but I am looking forward to learning about how to do this. I've restored cars and motorcycles, but this is my first wooden canoe.
  4. P

    Old Town Serial Number Search

    Hello, the serial number is 46074 16 Thanks Palma
  5. Paul Southgate

    Information request

    Can anyone please update me with build information for my 18 feet Old Town guide ,serial number 367898. I am based in the UK ,Thanks in anticipation Paul
  6. R

    Serial number inquiry

    Hello, Would someone be so kind to help me research the following serial number 75622? It's an Old Town canoe. Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your assistance.
  7. ewitzel

    Old Town 113880

    I recently inherited the family canoe- Old Town 113880- and would love to know any information about her.
  8. MGC

    Old Town SN 85313 16

    Fossil892, a new member, posted this SN request in the following thread. I'm posting here to be sure that the request is seen. The original thread link follows. Hello Am working on an Old Towne 16' Square Stern Sponson # 8 5 3 1 3 16 Would anyone be able to furnish info or a Build Sheet on...
  9. Mark Sheldon

    Build Record Request - 15 - 164595

    Looking to find the original build record for a 15' Runabout with a Serial Number of 15 164595. Thanks much, Mark
  10. MGC

    Gerrish Serial Number List

    Several years ago this post mentioned Gerrish Serial numbers. I'm wondering if that list could live here where it can be added to as canoes are found. Not all Gerrish canoes have serial numbers but for those that...
  11. J

    Build and History search SN 136491 16

    Hello - My father had our old towne since he was a kid and passed it onto me after he died in 2003. It's in great condition but I was thinking of trying to restore it. As I started stripping off some of the pain on the inside, I came across a serial number and I'd love to find out more about...
  12. HudsonRiver

    Old Town 25 ft War Canoe serial #104847 do you have info?

    Hi, Looking for info on a 25 ft war canoe appears to be an old town. Serial was hard to read and appears to be 104847 Would be appreciative of any info you might have for this. Thanks
  13. F

    Sponsor Old Town Canoe

    I am interested in information on my flat end Sponson canoe with the serial number: 144186 (the second 1 is perhaps incorrect as it is hard to read). Frank Bunts
  14. A

    Old Town Canoe S/N 155309 17

    Hi, I am looking to identify the age of an old town found in my grandparents boat house. The serial number is 155309 17. It appears to be of an older vintage and I am hoping you can help us confirm or deny that. Thank you!
  15. J

    Serial number: OTC 165456 16'

    Dear Old Town, This canoe was purchased new by my grandfather for our summer home at Higgins Lake, MI in Roscommon County. I believe he purchased it new, and perhaps even locally. As a kid in the 1970's I recall it's white canvas, which has long since deteriorated. It has hung in the...
  16. L

    Carleton canoe (?) Serial Number 19393 - information please

    Hello. I have what appears to be a Carleton wood and canvas canoe with the serial number 19393. Canoe measures 17' 4". There is no builder's plaque, but there are four very small nail holes in the forward deck where the plaque must have been. Heart-shaped decks, diamond fasteners, and...
  17. I

    New Member - SN Info

    New member. Looking for info on an Old Town 17'+/-, dark green. Hull number XTC05094M75G. Any info would be helpful.
  18. D

    Old Town 17' OTCA canoe serial number search

    We purchased the canoe in 1956 and believe it was shipped to Youngstown, Ohio in 1952. It has been repainted and the seats have been recaned, but otherwise the canoe is in original, well cared for condition and is still being used. It was loaned to the Illinois Department of Tourism in the 1980s...
  19. S

    Old Town 1971 fg Serial # 187995F Can anyone give me an in depth history PLEASE?

    Recently purchased this canoe and like it very much....any input on its history would be greatly appreciated!
  20. M

    Old Town #154054 18

    Whoops. New to the Forum. Posted this elsewhere. Requesting info on my recently acquired Old Town. Fulfills a long time dream to own a vintage wood/canvas canoe. Thanks so much. Matt H