serial number lookup

  1. C

    Old Town Canoe Record Request (16’, 1940’s)

    I have a fully restored vintage Old Town 16’ canoe serial #149724. I’d love any information anyone knows about it! I’m also curious about value.
  2. Patricia Reid

    Serial Number Request

    Hello! We are looking for more information about a wood-and-canvas Old Town Sailing Dinghy we have in our collections at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. We believe the serial number is 115728 (photo below). We think it was built in the 1920s and was eventually owned by Bill Kissam of...
  3. S

    Old Town S/N Search and Build Specs - 128797 17 ?

    Looking for help on a serial number and build specs on a canoe I am considering. Seller has provided pics but I haven’t seen the boat in person yet (that’s this weekend hopefully) S/N is 128797 17. I think that puts it late 30’s to early 40’s. The odd thing from the picture provided by the...
  4. Douglas Kestell

    Old Town Serial number?

    I just purchased an Old Town canoe, serial number 33622 - 17 what can you tell me about it?
  5. S

    Old Town Canoe #175712 13' (OR #175112)

    I own this canoe and am looking for information on this serial number. The fourth digit was stamped twice so it is either a "7" or a "1". Thank you!
  6. D

    16' Allagash Serial Number ID Request

    Hello All, I am looking for help identifying a ~25 year old Canoe that I just purchased for cheap and am hoping to fix up for a fun summer of paddling. I found a serial number stamped into the hull on the back right of the boat under the gunwale. The serial number reads: SCSN6993K596 The...
  7. H

    Serial Number - Old Town Canoe

    Hello Canoe People, My Dad bought this Old Town Canoe in the mid-sixties, and after enjoying many years of river trips and adventures, passed it on to me; SN 176223. I know it started as a wood and canvas model, and that he had it fiberglassed in the seventies, but was wondering about its...
  8. Gregory Lindsay

    Canadienne 17'

    Was gifted a 17ft OT Canadienne Canoe from a family member. It looks to have a kevlar layer due to the tone on the inside but I can't be sure. The.. what I assume is royalex seems to be a little faded and brittle but otherwise in good shape. Just did a 3 day trip with a few rapids and put it to...
  9. P

    131298 16 old town

    Hi I have a very tired OLD TOWN 16' I am wondering what I should do with it. will take pics soon. Thanks in advance!
  10. J

    Serial # 171388 16

    Hello, new member here, though I have lurked frequently over the years. I have a 1914 White 18' with sponsons that my Father bought out of a barn before I was born (awaiting my restoration), and today just picked up a similar sponson equipped canoe (a 16 footer). These are the only wood and...
  11. J

    old town canoe serial #22566 17

    Hello! My boyfriend bought a canoe out of an old barn with the serial #22566 17. He's lookin' to restore it and would love any information you might have. Thanks so much!
  12. T

    Old Town info please

    I'm the second generation owner of a beautiful green Old Town, Serial Number 8175554 17 recently restored by Dave Osborn at Little Lakes Canoe Restoration in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. I'd like to track down more information about it. Thanks.
  13. M

    Old town recently purchased #148241

    Just purchased an Old Town 18 ft canoe. Would love to know who restored it and any other information available. When was it made? Whoever restored it did beautiful work. It is a piece of art.
  14. H

    Old Town 146681 - 17

    Hello, I just found this forum and am looking for any records regarding Old Town 146681 - 17. Below are a few details. Any help is greatly appreciated! General Facts from Observation - Most likely was originally shipped to New York (Discovered in the 70's off Lake Chautauqua) - The boat has a...