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  1. pat dillon

    serial number search

    Hello. My wife inherited OT # 116517, can you research? I'd like to buy a copy of the record if possible. Thank you. pat dillon, Tahoe Vista, CA
  2. S

    Old Town S/N Search and Build Specs - 128797 17 ?

    Looking for help on a serial number and build specs on a canoe I am considering. Seller has provided pics but I haven’t seen the boat in person yet (that’s this weekend hopefully) S/N is 128797 17. I think that puts it late 30’s to early 40’s. The odd thing from the picture provided by the...
  3. D

    16' Allagash Serial Number ID Request

    Hello All, I am looking for help identifying a ~25 year old Canoe that I just purchased for cheap and am hoping to fix up for a fun summer of paddling. I found a serial number stamped into the hull on the back right of the boat under the gunwale. The serial number reads: SCSN6993K596 The...
  4. E


    Requesting information for Oldtown 17ft Otca with SN:200648
  5. W

    17 Foot Old Town Serial Number

    What information is available about my 17 foot Old Town Canoe serial number 4905?
  6. C

    Old Canoe

    Bought a vintage wooden canoe with the serial number 94314 16 i dont know much about canoes but I believe it's an old town and I'm looking for any information I can get on it
  7. C

    Serial Number

    I have a Discovery 169. Can you tell me more details via the serial number XTC 55479C090
  8. R

    I think it is a chestnut prospector canoe??

    I recently purchased a wood canvas canoe that I want to refinish. I have been a lifelong paddler, but this will be the first boat I will refinish. I am starting to do the research on the boat so that I can try to ensure it is finished as close to the original build as possible and need some...
  9. A

    Old Town Canoe S/N 155309 17

    Hi, I am looking to identify the age of an old town found in my grandparents boat house. The serial number is 155309 17. It appears to be of an older vintage and I am hoping you can help us confirm or deny that. Thank you!
  10. E

    Serial Number 45627

    Looking for information on Serial Number 45627 stamped on stern keel. Canvas canoe @15.5 ft.
  11. K

    serial number info Old town 80417 - 17

    Hi, I am cleaning out my dad's cottage garage in Detour Michigan as he sadly recently passed away and there is an old town canoe that I need to sell with the serial number above. He thought it was made around 1925. I don't even know what type it is. The boat is in good original shape, original...