1. ewitzel

    Best Adhesive for Scarfing Rib Tips

    I was wondering what folks have used when scarfing on new rib tips. I'm thinking about using Gorilla Glue but not sure if it would be suitable; any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. MGC

    Adhesive For Inside Rail Scarf Joints?

    I've made a 30 inch cherry inside rail section to splice into a boat I am currently rebuilding. I had planned to replace the entire rail but when I couldn't get the require length of cherry I decided to splice in the missing section. Worst case (if I don't like the result) I'll tear it out and...
  3. Michael Graessle

    1924 Otca Inwale Tip Taper

    So I am working on the inwale tips on my 1924 OTCA. My original inhales were incorrectly spliced and I am trying to scarf in new ends. Unfortunately, I failed to take reference photos of how the inwale and the stem came together with the deck. I am looking for help determining the taper of...