1. johnmetts

    Re-surfacing the filler

    I restored my WC canoe and I'm not happy with the finish. It feels/looks like fine grained sandpaper. I applied the filler as directed, smoothed it by hand as directed, sanded as directed but couldn't get it as smooth as others I have done. I thought maybe the paint would smooth it a bit...
  2. Howie

    Nerdy paint question...

    I try to wait at least 48 hours before adding paint to an already painted surface. But when is the best time to sand the previous coat? Assuming the paint is dry enough to sand in 24 hours, might there be a benefit to sanding after 24 hours? The paint is softer than it would be at 48 hours...
  3. mccloud

    Multi-max Sanding Beneath Inwales

    Next to fiberglass removal, sanding to remove old paint or varnish is perhaps the restorers least favorite task. The worst of this are those final 2 square inches underneath the inwale and between ribs. I have tried many methods, and finally have something I think is worth passing along. No...
  4. Serge Lemay

    Wood And Canvas Tool

    I am trying to find plans for a drum sander for sanding... Well you whatever needs sanding (ribs, planks, paddles...).... You get the idea. In the same idea as the one in the book from Stelmok on the wood and canvas canoe... Thx for your input.
  5. GaryAlan

    Sanding before glassing

    Nearing the lamination phase of my 16' Northwest River Canoe. Have read in various places about how much sanding is needed. Some say 60-grit, others say fine. Some say sand until you're satisfied, others until you've had enough (that happened before I got the glue drips sanded away!). The real...