1. Howie

    16' Rushton Indian Girl Long Deck Completed

    Rushton Indian Girl, 16', #5213, circa 1915. Its bones were gifted to me a year ago by my buddy and WCHA guru Mike/MGC. Hope I did you proud! As you can see this IG has long decks, half ribs, and external stems. It's mostly original except for: new seats, 1 new thwart, several replaced ribs...
  2. Howie

    Rushton Indian Girl #5123 project canoe

    Took home another project canoe today: a 16' Rushton Indian Girl (another gift from my buddy and WCHA guru Mike/MGC). They were made from 1902 to 1917. My understanding is that Rushton is thought to have only made about 5500 canoes, so with a serial # of 5123 it's a good guess that it was made...
  3. Howie

    Rushton Decal?

    Did Rushton ever use a decal on his decks? Or maybe he used a decal on other stuff. If so can someone send me a high resolution 'full frontal' image so I can make my own.
  4. Howie

    1902 Rushton Indian complete

    I've just finished restoring my 15' 1902-ish Rushton Indian, Grade B, serial #84. It weighs 67# and is 31-3/4" wide from the outer rails. Seat, thwarts, and decks are chestnut. Note the odd wide/flat keel and the staggered placing of the screws holding the keel. To compensate for the...
  5. Howie

    Question about top & outer rails on a Rushton Indian

    Some day soon I hope to canvas & mud Rushton Indian (not an IG 'Girl'). In the mean time I've been preparing the top & outer rails. This canoe is a Grade B, so it has rail caps and a non rabbeted outer rail. The canoe came to me with several nicely labeled bags of hardware and some short...
  6. Howie

    I Was Wrong - It Is A Rushton!

    This is something like my 3rd thread on this canoe... Sorry! But today while clean & stripping I discovered a '15' stamped into the front stem. Then I found this stamped into the rear stem: So, a 15' Rushton with the correct fat stems, fat keel, front seat suspended via wood blocks screwed...
  7. S

    St. Lawrence skiff or an early Canoe? Need help

    I just salvaged an old skiff or canoe from a camp in the Adirondacks. I can't tell what it is or who manufactured it. The camp was located in St. Lawrence county NY near Canton, but I don't believe this to be a Rushton. The boat is approx 12' long with painted canvas sides. The removeable...
  8. Jon Bouton

    J. H. Rushton Indian Girl #5416 - 16

    I couldn't resist and brought her home today. The plan is to be a good steward of this elegant old girl for the next 20 years or so and use her well. Long Decks; Interesting outside stem detail; Decal; Closed Gunnels; Original Canvas; Possibly original cane on bow seat. Rushton Paddle. Lateen...