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    Stripping 1964 OldTown Runabout

    Hubby and I are working on our boat. The ribs in back have to be replaced. First question is, is there a difference/reason to replace with white oak or red oak or neither? Because these have to be replaced we are sanding out side so all screws and area can be removed and inspected for rot. We...
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    Can you I.D. this pre-1935 Cedar Strip 14ft?

    I picked up this 14ft cedar strip (runabout?) that was said to be at least from 1935 (father had it when this guy was born in '35) and it's been in three generations of same family. Was thought to have possibly been purchased at T. Eatons of Toronto. May be a production of Peterborough/Alcan...
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    old town 16' runabout motorboat: 171818

    Any idea how many of these were made or are still in existence?