1. Ben Russ

    Langford questions

    I am picking up a 15’ Langford wood and canvas project canoe for restoration tomorrow and I had 2 questions. First, the previous owner warned me that the canoe was built during a time when “Langford’s quality was not good!” In reading through the forum, others have mentioned this period in...
  2. T

    Grip finish restoration on vintage paddles

    Hi folks - I just bought a couple "vintage" Old Town paddles off Craigslist. The one with the guide grip has a spine not only at the top of the blade but also where the shaft meets the grip - hadn't seen that before. I'd like to use them, at least occasionally. It looks like they were...
  3. MGC

    Adhesive For Inside Rail Scarf Joints?

    I've made a 30 inch cherry inside rail section to splice into a boat I am currently rebuilding. I had planned to replace the entire rail but when I couldn't get the require length of cherry I decided to splice in the missing section. Worst case (if I don't like the result) I'll tear it out and...
  4. Grizzle

    Cracked rib advice please

    Having restored our Langford over the last couple of yers we've just done about 200 km in it and what were obviously previously cracked ribs have shown up. This was a previous correspondence, is there now an agreed view, or is it still a case of divided opinion? Thanks: Grizzle - UK, and...
  5. RRHenseler

    Shaw & Tenney Cupped Blade

    The blade of a coworker's Shaw and Tenney ash paddle, approximately 38 years old, has cupped. As such, it wobbles through the water. I'm considering removing the varnish, soaking it in water for a while, steaming it, and then clamping it flat. After that, I'm thinking about trying to stabilize...
  6. E

    25 ft. Old Town Repairs

    Hi all, I am working on a 25 ft. wood and canvas Old Town canoe from the 1960's. The reoccurring issue is that each season moisture gets trapped between the wood and the canvas of the canoe and then freezes during the winter and tears holes in the canvas. In the past we have mended the tears...
  7. T

    Fix or repair 2.0

    I have a 15' Old Town that was built in 1949/50. It was used regularly from the 50's until late 70's by my uncle, but had not been in the water at all since the early 1980's. This past summer, we took it for a test trip. After an hour in the lake, there was a half inch of water sloshing around...
  8. Jon Bouton

    Help! Inside Rib (with some decay?) refinish / patch

    I can't believe this is a first. I hope some of you have experience that will help. I figured my OT HW canoe would be watertight inside and out and left it outside and right side up for some weeks last summer while the garage was full of other stuff. When I put it away, I noticed that one...
  9. K

    Help getting our "new" boat on the water?

    We recently purchased a wood/fiberglass (presumably canvas originally) canoe through Craigslist. The family we bought it from had purchased the canoe 2nd hand more than 40 years ago. They fiberglassed the boat and added (replaced?) seats. When we tested it out, it floats but does take on a...