1. B

    Old Town 137240-16

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide on this classic OTCA that we think may be from the WWII era (used iron instead of brass)!
  2. S

    OTCA canoe changed shape while stored?

    I started restoring my 1964 Old Town OTCA five months ago, but had to put the project on hold. During the on hold time, with the canoe partially unfastened, the canoe seems to have changed shape. In preparation for replacing the tops of the stems and the sections of inwale that attached to...
  3. E


    Requesting information for Oldtown 17ft Otca with SN:200648
  4. Howie

    OT Otca completed

    I just finished this 16' Otca I picked up last August, serial # 125853-16. Last week I also completed a 16' Yankee, so I thought I'd take some pics in a side-by-side profile view. It was then that I noticed that the Otca was 1" 'taller' than the Yankee - which explains why it weighs 4#...
  5. BillP

    how far to remove hull covering?

    I am re canvassing a 1995 Old Town OTCA. I recieved it partially stripped. Do I need to remove all old fiberglass epoxy and paint from hull? If I am re-canvassing does it matter if there is residual epoxy? I have removed sponsons, and there is no paint or fiberglass underneath. Not really sure...
  6. Michael Graessle

    1924 Otca Inwale Tip Taper

    So I am working on the inwale tips on my 1924 OTCA. My original inhales were incorrectly spliced and I am trying to scarf in new ends. Unfortunately, I failed to take reference photos of how the inwale and the stem came together with the deck. I am looking for help determining the taper of...
  7. Howie

    Ta-da! Old Town Otga-guide Completed

    I've just completed restoring the 18' Old Town Otca/Guide I brought home in Oct 2017. Serial # is 174644-18. This canoe is likely unique. It was specially ordered by Old Town's sales rep for the East Coast. He requested it be built on an Otca form but with the profile of a Guide. And note...
  8. Howie

    Old Town Otca completed...

    Thanks to a relatively warm winter I was able to complete the 18' 1937 Otca "AA" Grade I picked up last October. It had a ton of white paint slathered on it. Most of the paint came off, though I found it impossible to get the stuff out of scratches without losing a lot of wood! On the bright...
  9. Howie

    Ta Da again. A 1967 Old Town Otca...

    ...rescued from basket-case-dom. Came out kinda nice. After 17+ canoes I'm starting to get the hang of this restoration thing!
  10. H

    1921 OTCA restoration

    I've canvased her and the compound is curing. I'm ready to start on the outside gunnels, but I'm not sure how the deck,gunnels, and stem all come together. This area was all but missing when I found the boat, so I have no idea how it was originally finished. Doe anyone have a close up picture or...
  11. jlarrabee

    Craigslist find old town

    Hey Guys, One of my friends is selling his canoe. Just trying to spread the word a little more. It is a 1964 OTCA Old Town. Gorgeous. Seats need some work. Definitely a good buy. Located in Kennebunkport Maine. Definitely a usable canoe, not a show piece. This is the craigslist ad...
  12. D

    Old Town 17' OTCA canoe serial number search

    We purchased the canoe in 1956 and believe it was shipped to Youngstown, Ohio in 1952. It has been repainted and the seats have been recaned, but otherwise the canoe is in original, well cared for condition and is still being used. It was loaned to the Illinois Department of Tourism in the 1980s...
  13. B

    Serial # Search

    I have a very nice 16' Old Town with serial # 166530. Would appreciate any info available.
  14. buffalostu2

    Cracked Ribs on a 1923 OTCA

    Recently my 1923 OTCA wood canvas canoe took a spill. It cracked 13 ribs along the front left side, hairline fractures. A couple significant, some barely noticeable. The canoe bounced on impact and the ribs all received these hairline fractures (but are still broken all the way through). The...
  15. R

    History for 1913 OTCA #27169

    We found our 1913 OTCA 18' at an estate auction house in Ridgefield, Connecticut. As it nears its 100th birthday, we would like to learn more of its history. When we got it, the canvas had been removed, as if it were a restoration project that never quite got going. If anyone knows this canoe...
  16. B

    Old Town Otca - HELP!

    So- I'm new here. I know a little, I want to learn more. I have a 15ft Otca s/n: 152461 I want to find the build sheet- how you do that? It's about 75% restored including new canvas. Thanks for any and all help!