old town wooden info

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    Garage Find Old Town OTCA 22140 16

    I recently purchased a canoe from a person who told me it was made by their father... I took a chance and after looking at it and doing some research it looks like an Old Town OTCA. It seems most likely the father simply bought it and perhaps repainted it decades ago. The canvas, although...
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    Would like build information for Old Town canoe I just purchased

    Greetings, I am so happy to see this website... the purchase of this wonderful piece of art was exciting enough but to learn that build information may be available as well... very cool. Anyway, it looks like an Old Town to me but there are some things that I don't recognize from others that I...
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    Old Town Canoe # 17 5048 16

    Just was given an Old Town Canoe Serial Number 17 5048 16. I plan to re canvas. Several questions. First, type of canoe, date of Manufacture, and maybe original colors. Initial cost and any other info . I think I have all of the original parts, wood is in great condition although very...
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    1970 Old Towne 15' Trapper

    I'm looking for any information about my Old Towne, 15', Trapper canoe. Serial # 184552.
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    Old Town Otca - HELP!

    So- I'm new here. I know a little, I want to learn more. I have a 15ft Otca s/n: 152461 I want to find the build sheet- how you do that? It's about 75% restored including new canvas. Thanks for any and all help!
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    Serial number query.

    I'm a new member. Hello to all ! Looking forward to and excited about being a part of this association. I just started a restoration on an ancient Old Town square stern. It belonged to my wife's grandfather who kept it at Portage Lake in Northern Maine. My wife thinks I need a project and...
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    Info for Old Town #76588

    Hello- I am researching the manufacturing details for my Old Town eighteen feet long wooden canoe, which I will be restoring this winter. I would be really happy to get a copy of the company build sheet. I am also wonderig about some short metal pieces on the canoes bottom which are...