old town boat

  1. Boatnut

    Restoration details for 1953 Old Town Square Stern (row boat)

    One of my springtime projects will be the restoration/rebuild of my 12’ Square Stern. I am in need of some of the construction details especially with regard to the stern section of the boat. Attached is a photo of my project. As you can see, the previous owner, who has since passed away, did a...
  2. R

    Old Town 14 foot Wooden Boat serial number inquiry

    Serial number 156106. 1950s era. After 40 years I bought back the wooden boat I ran as a teenager. Need restoration and a few parts to be whole - digging into the history as the start of the project.
  3. G

    Thwart/Deck Beam for 1960 Old Town Sport Boat

    Hi folks, I've been working off and on for a few years restoring a 16' Old Town Sport Boat. Things are coming along well and I'm close to wrapping canvas over the hull and filling. The boat originally had a plywood deck covering the bow. I prefer the boat without the little deck, so I will...
  4. G

    Replacement oarlocks and oars for 1960 Old Town Sport Boat (16')

    Hi folks, I'm getting towards restoring/rebuilding a 16' 1960 Old Town Sport Boat that was in pretty rough shape when I got it. I know the boat originally had oarlocks and oars, but no longer. They guy I bought the boat from actually took the remaining oarlock hardware off before selling it...
  5. G

    Looking for info on 1960 Old Town Boat

    Hi folks, I'm new to the site, just ended up here trying to find out more about a boat I'm restoring. It's ~16' Old Town Boat, the square-sterned Sport boat I believe. The serial number on the stem reads 0596 16. I'm hoping somebody out there can at least confirm if that's the right build...