1. ewitzel

    Attaching the Deck

    Attaching deck to the inwales question- should the deck be simply screwed or should it be glued and screwed to the inwales? Is one method preferable to the other?
  2. Rod Tait (Orca Boats)

    Old town stems/inwale joint

    Need photo of the joinery at the stem tip where inwales meet on circa 1963 18' Guide. They are completely gone on the canoe I am restoring so no reference. Is it similar to chestnuts with stem post having notch. just butt up under inwales or something else? Would like it brought back to proper...
  3. B

    Seattle Area: Need spruce for inwale replacement. Where to find?

    I purchased a 1942 Guide GS in good shape, however time will tell after I remove the varnish and two coats of paint to see what else may need attention. So far after my first inspection, one of the inwales is cracked in 5 places; someone was heavy-handed with the screwdriver. I've already been...
  4. Howie

    Wood for out/in wales

    Where do you folks get long pieces of wood for in/out wales? I have a friend who'll let me cut down some ash. I believe fresh wood bends/steams better. What's better: wood from big diameter trees or small? I guess with the former you'd have to worry more about knots/limbs - that area...